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2019 Summer Community Theatre

As a part of Kimberly Good Neighbor Days... (drum roll, please)...

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May 3, 7-9pm| May 4, 9-noon

Please prepare 32 bars to sing, 30 second monologue, and bring clothes for dance audition.


May 8, 6-9pm

Dress to dance, and we'll have you dance, sing, and perform cold reads. Casting will be announced Monday, May 13, and rehearsals will begin 5/16.


Count on 2-3 rehearsals per week. Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-10pm, occasional Mondays or Saturdays. We NEVER rehearse Sundays. Rehearsals will be in Kimberly.


July 11,  7pm

July 13, 7pm


Auditions will be available to adults 18+ and high school students.  Curtains is a comedic murder mystery that takes place in the late 1950s. 

To sign up for an audition time, click the button below. 

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