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Yellow Arrows Lesson #8

Lesson #8

Use this area to communicate upcoming deadlines and/or lesson expectations as well as any specific instructions regarding your individual classes.

Suggestions for this lesson: -

Parents attend next week and Tuition is Due!

Oh, When the Saints & Lullaby and Goodnight

D-O-W-N and that’s the DOWN-BEAT! The downbeat is the strong beat that tells us when to begin playing a song. Sometimes the downbeat is on the first word of a song, sometimes it is not. Ask your child what word the DOWNBEAT is on in both of these songs!

Tinga Layo:

Our toe-tapping donkey, dances a shaky, stylized rhythm called CALYPSO. See if you can hear this fun rhythm while singing along!

I am Robin Hood

It’s duet time! While your child plays the melody, you or a sibling can clap or pat drumbeats on lap in a repeated slug pattern. Then switch! Once your child is confidant playing the melody by themselves, invite them to pat their own leg while playing. Impressive harmony!

When listening to Don't Put Your Trash encourage your child to do the actions to the part he hears during the harmony. It is also creative to change up the lyrics especially when encouraging chores: Don't put your SOCKS (insert any noun) in my BEDROOM (insert any place) my bedroom's full!

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