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Blue Bugs #3

Lesson #3

Next month, we will begin enrollment for next year. If you have friends or family that you want on my waiting list, please let me know ASAP so I can get their information before I begin open enrollment up to the general public.

Also, the second year classes will be held:

Mondays, 3:45pm-4:35pm (Burley)

Tuesdays, 4:10-5:00pm (Kimberly)

*for 2nd year, parents only attend class with their child once per month.

We'll talk about this more in class, but I just wanted to give you a heads up so we can get all situated for next year. Thanks!

Can't Bug Me!

It's fabulous how we are learning to ‘read’ bug rhythms from pictures - we mixed up the order of our bugs and they still clapped them correctly! That means that they are internalizing the rhythm of each bug. Fantastic progress!

Bill Grogan's Goat

Today we introduced a silly story about Bill Grogan's goat. If this tale seems strange to your child, check out this funny YouTube video, which tells a longer story about the goat, including where he goes when he rides on the train and what he gets to eat when he meets the queen!

Grab a basket ball and use the Let's Play Music bugs to PLAY a game with the ball after you watch this video!

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