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Yellow Arrows Lesson #14

Lesson #14

A few quick notes:

-Station Day is next week and parents attend! -Recital April 28, 6:30pm -Last chance registration to avoid a late fee. Please, go to and enroll your kiddo for 3rd year if you haven't already. The enrollment code is 38125.

Chord Transitions

The goal is to have their eyes on the music while they playing as much as possible, with only quick glances at their fingers. With their favorite song, invite them to memorize it and "see" the chords in their minds while they play with their eyes closed.

Mastering Playing Hands Together

This is likened to patting your head and tummy at the same time! Play hands separate until each hand is mastered, then put hands together one measure at a time. Slow and steady wins the race!

Enjoy reading about the lasting positive musical effect of a Let’s Play Music graduate years later!

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