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Yellow Arrows Lesson #13

Lesson #13

A few quick notes:

-Thank you, Parents for attending class with your kids this week! -Do you love LPM? Please, please, tell your friends! I keep tuition as low as possible, because I don't spend much on marketing.

This Old Man

How exciting to see the culmination of the last 2 years of chord study when writing the accompaniment for this song! We use our ears to hear what sounds correct, then use our staff knowledge to write the correct chord on the staff.

Scale Mix-Up

You can play scales anywhere on the keyboard! Begin on any C. Choose to play OUT & IN or IN & OUT. Play each hand separate with various bugs. So many possibilities!

Dotted Quarter Eighth Note

A.K.A “Shoo-oot the”! This rhythm is tricky to count though feeling and chanting the dotted quarter note (the bulls eye) and eighth note (arrow feather) with “shoo-oot the” will place each note exactly where it needs to be played in time. Pull out your own beat box to practice the various rhythms!

Have the practice blues set in at home? Jazz up practicing by adding some variety with practice time. Also open up the Green Turtle Shells Songbook and play all of the chords in the LH while playing the melody with the RH. Celebrate the wonderful progress your child has made throughout this year!

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