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Green Turtle Shells Lesson #11

Lesson #11

Your kids learned the Blue Chord this week! Place Blue Chord Stickers on C-F-A.

Reiterate using fingers 1-3-5, the thumb is an anchor on Middle C and the rest of the hand shifts up a baby step.

Color the chords in Primary Chord Song and Blue Sky to help distinguish the notation of each chord.

Turtle Shells

I will continue to reinforce to your Green Turtle Shell that intervals can show up anywhere on the staff and be played anywhere on the keyboard! Have fun playing an interval game with any two objects by creating an interval and asking your child what it is and then inviting them to play it on the keyboard. Ideas of objects to use: coins, counters, erasers, cereal, candies, Legos, rocks, etc, and place them directly on the keyboard.

Echo Edna

Echo Edna gave each child their own 'secret code' (using steps and skips) to ‘decipher’ (sight read) on the magnet board. We used our laser beam eyes to solve the code while playing it on the keyboards at the same time!

Now that the children are more comfortable with keyboard geography, hand position, how to build chords notated and on the piano, they are ready to keep our eyes on the book and not look down at our fingers while we play each of the songs in the songbook! Remember Laser Beam Eyes. Here are some other fun ways to keep our eyes on the book while we practice! Don’t forget parents to follow the notes with your finger and sing along with your child! A few ways to remind your children in a fun way:

1. Keep your eye on the (rat-tat-tats). 2. (Insert Child’s Name), time to turn on your Laser Beam Eyes while we play Blue Sky! 3. Freeze Ray the Middle C’s with your freeze vision! 4. I’ve got my eye on (the steps in Echo Edna)! 5. I’m watching you Yellow Chords. Always watching, always!

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