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Green Turtle Shells Lesson #15

Lesson #15

Thanks, parents, for attending Station Day!

Next semester, Yellow Arrows, begins January 7 (Kimberly) or January 13 (Burley).

I do NOT expect children to play every day over the vacation, but I do expect that they play at least once a week during the vacation. They need to keep up on their skills - even if they play one song over and over and over, that's far better than not playing! Below I have some fun things for the kids to try!

Holiday Ensemble

Fun ways to incorporate the entire family with a Holiday Sing & Play-a-Long!

Student/parent plays chords while everyone sings along. -Play chords an octave higher or lower to change the timbre of the song.Play as a duet, trio, or quartet. Someone plays melody, others play chords on piano. All Sing!Play Silent Night with broken chords (Play each note of the chord separately: Do-Mi-Sol, Do-Fa-La, Ti-Re-Sol). Invite someone else to play the melody an octave higher.Invite younger siblings to play rhythm instruments to add variety while piano is playing: jingle bells, tambourines, drums, etc.If anyone in your family or friend circle plays any other instruments like guitar, ukulele, violin, cello, etc, have them play along with your child! It is completely exhilarating to have these fun jam sessions!Wear a costume while you play.

Here is one more Christmas Carol to add variety to daily practice and spread Holiday Cheer!

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