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Green Turtle Shells Lesson #2

Lesson #2

Hello Parents,

Just a reminder, students DO NOT need to bring bubbles to class. I have a set for the class to use. You can keep it next to your piano at home.

Echo Edna

Edna will teach us how to sight sing and sight read. Ask your child about what Edna did in class today.

Kit Kat Keyboard

If you have a digital keyboard at home, discover the fun, groovy beats to chant and play Kit Kat Keyboard with!

Bubble Hands

This week we learned our fingers have numbers. When they do their bubble exercise, ask them to wiggle their 3 finger, their 5 finger, etc. This exercise is important for finger strength and dexterity.

In Let’s Play Music we learn that intervals are Turtle Shells! An interval is the distance between 2 notes. Learn more about the importance of melodic and harmonic intervals in learning how to read and play music here!

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