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Green Turtle Shells Lesson #9

Lesson #9

Tuition is due today - please pay before midnight tonight to avoid a $10 late fee.

This week, please place the yellow stickers on your keyboard. Now that your child can play the yellow chord, there are more songs they are able to learn! Practice time will increase up to 3-5 minutes per day. Adding this chord can be tricky for most students. If you find your child struggling, continue doing the Bubble Hand Exercise to strengthen those little muscles.

Chords in Pieces

Chords in Pieces are simply each block red, yellow or blue chord BROKEN into 3 separate pieces or notes. The 3 notes of each chord can be in any order and they remain the same color chord, just rearranged in different patterns. For example the red chord can be rearranged in pieces of Do-Mi-Sol, Mi-Sol-Do, OR Sol-Do-Mi! All of these arrangements are still the red chord. This is the same for the blue and yellow.

Row, Row, Row

As you’re ROWING along this week, keep a slow and steady beat to really SINK in the Yellow Chord! To prepare to play the Yellow Chord, remind your child aurally and visually that only the thumb (#1) slides over to the next key. All other fingers (2, 3, 4, 5) stay put, lightly resting on the keys. As long as those fingers stay put, the hand has an anchor and the child knows where he is on the keyboard, even without looking. Our goal is to keep all of the fingers in contact with the keys, so they will be ready for quick transitions.


Print out the fun coloring pages that are attached and turn on "Hoedown" while they color.

We LOVE the YELLOW Chord! Please add the yellow stickers to the keyboard on B, D, & G. It is essential that fingers 1, 2, and 5 are used to create the yellow chord. An easy way to drill in this habit is to show the LOVE to your child by signing I LOVE YOU before you play it with the right hand!

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