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Orange Roots #3

Lesson # 3

From the New World- It would be easy to just simply 'play' the first two lines of Part I of this song, but remember to not only sing the note names, (“e-g-g-e-d-c” etc.) but try singing the rhythm as well (“shoot-the half note” etc.)while playing it this week. Or you could even sing the counts! (1+ 2+ 3+ 4+...)

John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith

This fun song from your childhood will get us learning a new style of bass root accompanying. Once we understand this we can improvise on a two handed marching style. It also is another opportunity to feel a half cadence. This song is also another opportunity to feel a half cadence (ends on a yellow chord instead of red).

I Can Build a Triad

Like the song says, "Pick any note to be the root... then add a third, and add a fifth!" Now that we are learning chord structure, our skipping snakes will help us to chant and spell each of our triads. Like any language, you speak (sing) it first, and then you can learn to write it. Want to practice making your own Skipping Snakes at home? Print out the attached file and have fun with your own alphabet magnets at home!

There are lots of different variations on our 'John Jacob' song. I remembered singing it as 'Schmidt'instead of 'Smith' as a kid, and instead of 'look there he goes again' we would just sing 'la la la la la la la.' It can be lots of fun to take a familiar tune and improvise in fun and crazy ways. Which way does your family like best? The Rock'n'Roll, the Sesame Street, or the Sing a Ma Jig version??

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