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Red Balloons Lesson #12

Lesson #12

We are heading toward the end of the year, which means we will be finishing up Red Balloons December 9 or 10 (depending which day you have class) and moving to our Blue Bugs Semester. I hope you have enjoyed your ‘musical time,’ (aka play practice & music exposure) working with your children and helping them on their journey to not only develop lifelong musical aptitude but cementing skills and concepts that will serve them the rest of their lives.

Nothing is needed for your child to enroll in Blue Bugs - you enrolled for both semesters at the same time.

Who Took the Cookie?

This may seem to be a simple child’s game, but there is wonderful rhythm component. When you talk during the chant the child is learning to keep a steady beat and verbally respond to and anticipate the rhythm.

Chords in Pieces

Our ears were in training during this activity. The students were learning to hear and identify a right or wrong chord. So essential to developing the musician inside.

Puppet Show

Today we did something a little different. We identified instrumentation by listening to the butterfly kissing the flower! When the students can hear different sounds and instruments within a piece it comes alive and they become sensitive listeners.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, here is a fun video and some fun activities you and your child will love!

Enjoy the following thoughts on why music is such a gift to your children. They are an insightful review of why music education is so important.

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