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Red Balloons Lesson #2

Lesson #2

Parents come next week! What a fun 2nd week we had! They were so brave to go to class without their parent. We are looking forward to our parents coming this next week.

PLEASE be sure that you are able to absorb all of this amazing curriculum by coming to class on time. My sign is on the door a few minutes before class starts, which means I’m ready for you to come in!

Hear How the Bells We are teaching your student to hear harmony by using the singing part and combining it with the bell part. Singing solo doesn't develop the ear like singing with counter parts. The opposition to the melody trains the ear in beautiful ways! This song is the powerful beginning to singing in four part harmony!

Three Blind Mice We are helping the kids to "audiate" a melody. Audiate means to hear music ‘inside’ when there is no sound actually present. We must be able to hear music first in our heads before we learn to sing in harmony, perform different rhythms, play the correct chords, compose a song, etc. It is a vital piece to our developing a complete musician!

Major Scales Today we introduced the term “major scale.” We learned this term as we sang our DO RE MI song! The kids heard a major scale go up and down, it's just the beginning of understanding that every piece has a correlating key signature and scale, music theory 101 started today and it was accomplished through PLAY!

Click HERE to read part 1 of the Master Ear-Training Tool!

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