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Red Balloons Lesson #4

Lesson #4

Just a reminder next week is parent week and tuition is due. Please pay on time to keep from a $10 late fee.Also, are you listening to the music? When you expose your student to the music, and sing a lot, the child experiences fun repetition at home so they learn faster and internalize the concepts and skills in class more rapidly.

Learning to sing harmony

In class we sang the song Hear How the Bells. The kiddos got to sing the melody while the ostinato played on the bells. We’re reinforcing hearing layers of sound as well as the importance of keeping a steady beat.

Music staff training

They are also learning how the music staff works. Notes are on the lines and spaces, and when they go up, our bodies and voices go up, when they go down, our bodies and voices go down! This exposure is prepping them to read music!


Playing the autoharp helps the children gain strength in their hands, helps them to "anticipate" the beat when they strum the strings, and primes their brain to do different right hand and left hand movement. It's the perfect prep work for playing the piano.

Check this article about practicing the Autoharp at Home...even if you don’t have one!

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