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Red Balloons Lesson #6

Lesson #6

I can tell the students are starting to feel more comfortable in class. This is a great thing when they start to open up and internalize their experience. Keep in mind, when you come to class, they will sometimes behave differently. Just remember to be actively engaged in class, and don’t force their participation.

Goin’ on a Lion Hunt

We're learning how to keep a steady beat when we sing this song. We use the varying tempo in this song to demonstrate fast and slow. What fun! Seems simple, but it's a powerful way to teach them to internalize rhythm.

Melodic Patterns

The song Let’s Play Music, Hickety Pickety, and May There Always Be Me, exposes the kids to melodic patterns that have a strong cadence pull to "DO". These patterns help the child to sing in tune and trains the ear to hear how songs should end.

Boom, Boom

We introduced this fun song today. This song helps us recognize a melodic pattern, (SO, DO) and help us keep a consistent steady beat. Very soon we’ll be using it to practice the autoharp and read our chord music!

NEW Melodic pattern

The SOL SOL DO pattern was introduced today! Your student will start to notice this pattern with their ears and then their eyes everywhere... even to the cheerios floating in their cereal. They are little sponges.

May There Always Be Me

Today we learned the term ‘lullaby’.

Click HERE to read more about patterning and music and how it makes your child smarter!

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