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Red Balloons Lesson #9

Lesson #9

Parents, thank you for being so consistent and supportive to your kiddos. You hel to add another layer of knowledge each week because you have cemented the previous week’s concepts and skills.

Remember tuition is due this week. Pay on time to avoid a late fee.

Baby Step, Leap

We sing, dance, and notate on the staff board a step and a leap when we sing this song. The students are subconsciously learning intervals. In the second year, we will bring this knowledge to their conscious mind by labeling the steps and skips.

Waltz of the Flowers

This new puppet show helps train our ears to hear patterns and how music is put together. We call this classical form.

Echo Ed

We used Echo Ed to give the children a chance to independently imitate a melodic pattern. Singing develops the ear too!

Ooooo Halloween

Ooooo Halloween allows us to hear in our heads (audiate) the beats that aren’t played aloud. This activity subconsciously teaches the students how to feel a steady beat and anticipate the beat. It's so fun!

Click here to watch this video and learn interesting facts about the composer of the song Waltz of the Flowers and print out the coloring book for your student.

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