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Ukulele Summer Camp Details!

Hello, Ukulele Camp Families!

I currently have the following enrollment for my Ukulele Summer Camps. PLEASE check to be sure your child is enrolled in the correct camp (I'm human and make mistakes sometimes!) so I make sure to have the correct number of ukuleles and songbooks. Also, please read the preparation section of the Camp Info Sheet below so every student can be ready for camp.


Michelle Belliston, teacher

June 3-7, 2-6th grades 1-1:50pm (Burley class @ Mountain View Christian Center)

Kinli G.

Madelyn L.

Kenzi M.

Kamea M.

Lincoln M.

Abram M.

Ezra M.

Lucy B.

Josh R.

Roxy R.

June 10-14, 4th-5th grades, 10-10:50am (Kimberly Studio)

Konner J.

Garret H.

Megan H.

Kylie F.

Maggie B.

June 17-21, 6-8th grades, 10-10:50am (Kimberly Studio)

Landan P.

Kylie F.

July 15-19, 2nd-3rd grades, 2-2:50pm (Kimberly Studio)

Paxton H.

Mason B.

July 15-19, 4th-5th grades, 3-3:50pm (Kimberly Studio)

Avery B.

Michael S.

Sage C.

Ainsley J.

July 15-19, 6-8th grades, 4-5:50pm (Kimberly Studio)

Jackson M.

PLEASE let me know if your kiddo was enrolled in the wrong class, so I can make necessary changes.

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