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White Horses #9

Lesson #9


Reminder: Tuition is due today! Please pay on time to avoid a $10 late fee.

The Sound Beginnings philosophy believes all children are musical by nature, but need some guidance to refine their natural interest into skill and develop the musician already present within each child. By participating in class, listening to the CDs at home, and encouraging your children to explore music, you are growing a musician!

optional home fun activity ***remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.

Lesson 9: Color the Royal Parade coloring page on page 16 in your workbook

more than play Sound Beginnings encourages children to express themselves, try new things, and enjoy the world of make believe! Dancing expressively to classical music, exploring with instruments, and dramatizing stories help develop children’s natural desire to be creative. Creativity builds confidence in children and helps develop problem-solving skills that carry into adulthood.

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