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White Horses Lesson #13

Lesson #13

Next week there will be NO CLASS for Thanksgiving - enjoy the holiday!

If you have not enrolled yet for next semester, please let me know if you don't plan to continue, as I have a waiting list and will be releasing permission for them to enroll on Thanksgiving day. If you want to enroll, PLEASE do so quickly to make sure you get your preferred time!

When should I start my child in piano lessons? A child's brain is most receptive to learning music between the ages of 2 and 9; a period called 'the music window'. Piano playing requires letter reading and finger strength which are not ready until age 8. Ou 'Let's Play Music' foundational music classes take advantage of the music window by providing music exposure at the right time and in the right way. This 3 year program is for children ages 4-6 and the end goal is to develop a complete musician. Sound Beginnings is the perfect precursor to this research based program! Read more here.    

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