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White Horses Lesson #15

Lesson #15

What a wonderful semester of playing and learning together!  Sharing instruments was a great way to end our semester.

I would love to see you all back for next semester--Silver Buttons! Class will begin on January 7/8 depending on which day you're enrolled. See you next year!

optional home fun activity ***remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.

Lesson 15: No activity this week. You can always complete any you may have missed during this semester

more than play There are so many reasons why learning music in a group is beneficial! Children are much more likely to enjoy the setting when there are other children around. The synergy of a Sound Beginnings class naturally encourages children to participate and to excel. A large group allows for exploration in ways a private setting does not; through group games, dances and parachute activities. Sound Beginnings also provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to bond as they learn, sing, and play together each week.

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