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White Horses Lesson #8

Lesson #8

Play is the most effective pathway to learning - that's why your kids love class so much. During play, failure is not a deterrent to trying again, problem solving takes place through testing and evaluation, and repetition builds security. As concepts and skills are presented in a playful, joyful setting, children absorb knowledge and ability.

optional home fun activity ***remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.

Lesson 8: Make the Humpty Dumpty puppet on page 31 in your workbook

more than play Sound Beginnings builds its curriculum upon seven elements proven to stimulate growth in areas particularly crucial to the development of the young child: Literacy and Kindergarten Skills, Rhythm and Beat, Vocal and Pitch Development, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Classical Music Experience and Parent Bonding. Together these elements give children a rich foundation for further music study, school, and life.

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