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Yellow Arrows Lesson #1

Lesson #1

Eek! We're human!

**There is a typo in the "Play Piano" section of the practice this week. It says to play page 4 of Turtle Shells, but it should say page 5. Please mark that in your books.


Place red Stickers on bass clef.

You should have NO stickers for the right hand anymore, however, do keep checking up to be sure that the right hand skills are a solid foundation for your child. Goo Gone is great at getting sticky residue off the keys! Is your child hesitant to lose those "comfort blanket" stickers in the right hand? Play a game with your child. Every week, they need to choose one sticker of each color to pull off of the keyboard. In 3 weeks' time, they'll all be gone, but it will be slower and less painful for your child.

Left Hand Finger Power through Bubble Hands & Turtle Shells

This semester we will focus on strengthening our left hand finger muscles! Playing Bubble Hands in numerical order on the keyboard is a great way to strengthen and reinforce finger numbers. Thumb is 1, Pointer is 2, Middle is 3, Ringman is 4, and Pinky is 5. LH pinky is on C, the bottom red dot. After your child is confidant with the finger numbers in order, mix it up to cement this concept with the Left Hand!

Playing Turtle Shells with the CD will ALSO help strengthen those fingers. Look closely at the music on the page and it will help you know what finger numbers to play. Hold each interval down the entire time you are singing until the next interval.

Do You Want To Build a (Red) Snowman?

The Left Hand Red Chord looks the very same on the staff: stacked up nice and neat with a 3rd on the bottom and a 3rd on the top in a snowman shape. We PLAY the red chord with our left hand finger numbers 5-3-1 (finger #5 on bass C, the bottom red dot). Invite your little musician to play Old Paint with the left hand this week! They’ll be thrilled to play a song they already know, PLUS they will be strengthening their fingers! Double bonus!

Caterpillar Song

The proper hand position for this technique song is Middle C Position where both thumbs SHARE Middle C like a BUTTERFLY! This week work on coordinating both hands at once by singing finger numbers SLOWLY until they get the hang of this 5 finger pattern. Then add the lyrics.

Since both red chords are shaped like a snowman, how do we know which hand to play it with? By looking at which CLEF is on the staff. Introducing Treble and Bass Clef! The TREBLE CLEF has a lot of curls, like "Girls Curly Hair, (say it in a high pitched voice because those are the high notes that we play with our right hand). The BASS CLEF looks like "Father's Strong Arm and some father's like to play bass-ball!" (say it in a deep voice because those are the low notes that we play with our left hand).

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