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Yellow Arrows Lesson #11

Lesson #11

It's almost the end of the year - we only have 4 classes left until your kids have finished 2nd year! The recital will showcase the songs they're really progressing with, and will (hopefully) encourage the kids to make more progress on songs that have been challenging. Look for a paper with recital assignments to come home in the next week or so, and help your child learn their very best. This is NOT a performance class, but I want the kids to feel confident in their ability when they stand in front of a bunch of people.

Scale In and Out

This technique is teaching contrary motion where the same finger numbers are played together moving in opposite directions. RH pinky (5) begins on Treble C and LH pinky (5) begins on Bass C. Play and sing IN the major scale with fingers 5 4 3 2 1 POP 3 2 1. Both thumbs will land on Middle C. Then play back OUT using fingers 1 2 3 POP 1 2 3 4 5.

Oh, When the Saints

March 2, 3, 4! We can march with our feet AND our fingers. A marching chord is a type of stylized chord that will make this song sound much more like a march. To play a marching chord, play the bottom note of the chord alone and the top two notes (interval) together and the fingers are MARCHING! Feel free to march around the house as your child plays marching chords with this energetic song!

Tinga Layo

To practice Tinga Layo, play the block chord as written with the calypso rhythm. An example of how to play this rhythm is at the bottom of the page in the songbook. Follow the chords and CHANT in rhythm Shoo-oot the Bug Bug or Ting-a Lay-O while playing!

With Spring in the air, your blooming musician can hop on this life-size keyboard practicing the music alphabet in the sunshine!

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