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Yellow Arrows Lesson #12

Lesson #12

A few quick notes:

-Parents attend next week and tuition is due. -Lesson 15 is Station Day! Do you remember how fun it was last semester? Make every attempt to be there! -Recital: April 28, 6:30pm -Registration for next year - please enroll online asap to receive your recital t-shirts. The code is 38125.

Don’t Put Your Trash

Harmony happens when we sing our designated part AND listen to those around us! What a skill! As a family, each person can choose their favorite part and with the cd sing their part all 3 times! All 3 parts begin on the same pitch and the actions will help you stay on your part.

Tinga Layo

This week we drew in the 'bulls eye' and 'arrow feather' to create a stylized calypso accompaniment. First, sing, chant, or clap Ting-a-layo with each chord while practicing with your child then sing the lyrics of the song while your child dazzles you with this exciting accompaniment!

Hickory Dickory Dock

Tick, tock let us rock while playing in parallel motion! This is tricky business, playing the same note together with both hands at the same time. Physically rock back and forth with your child to feel the rocking motion their hands will play. Once they get this down enjoy playing the melody while they play the parallel 5ths. What a dynamic duo!

World renowned pianist Vladimir Horowitz shares an inspiring perspective of practicing!

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