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Yellow Arrows Lesson #9

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Lesson #9

A few quick reminders: Tuition is due today - please pay by midnight to avoid a $10 late fee.

Today, enrollment for 3rd year is OPEN! Please enroll quickly so you can receive your recital t-shirt BEFORE the recital. Click here to enroll, and the enrollment code is 38125.

Also, if you know anyone (or have younger children) who are interested in Let's Play Music, that you'd like to be part of our studio family, I have enrollment for Sound Beginnings (0-4 year olds) and LPM first year open as well. I will open it up to the general public next week, but this week, I'm giving your family and friends a head start. I will only be teaching the classes offered - when they fill up, I'm full. Please, if you have SB or 1st years who need to enroll, don't wait!

Bug Scale

We can now play UP the C Major Scale with our RH! Place the RH in C position and play with fingers 1-2-3 (CDE) then POP UNDER with the thumb to make a new bubble and continue playing with fingers 1-2-3-4-5 (FGABC). Choose your favorite BUG to practice this new skill. One way to remind where to pop is to insert POP with the bug like this: Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, POPPERfly, Butterfly, etc. As always, we try to make our technique drills so fun that the kids don't even notice they are getting practice!

A Warm Welcome to Middle B and Middle D

The 5 anchor notes used in 2nd year include the members of the “C” family: Treble C, Middle C, and Bass C and the Middle Friends including Middle B who is B-elow Middle C and Middle D who is Down under the first line on the staff.

How to Skip

We will master all of our middle anchor notes with this song: Middle B, Middle C, Middle D. Use the same 3 fingers for the entire song: 1-3-5. Simply move your thumb to the appropriate starting note. Sing "C-skip-skip-skip, D-skip-skip" etc. emphasizing each anchor note. This is where the practice of seeing and playing those middle anchor notes connect!

I am Robin Hood

If your child can play each hand of "I am Robin Hood" comfortably, they are ready to put both hands together! Isolate 1 or 2 measures at a time to have a successful experience, then continue to add 1-2 measures until they can play the entire song with confidence! While practicing with your child, you can guide their eyes by pointing note by note with V fingers. Hooray for Hands Together!

How instinctive is your child getting with their keyboard geography playing the Alphabet Pieces Game? Time your child for 1 minute and see how many pieces they can put on the piano. Your student will treasure this craft and game idea as they continue to solidify all of the notes on the keyboard!

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